Who Am I

Dr. Mohammed Amin, was born at Chandanaish, Chittagong, dated 31 December, 1963.

My Mission

Dr. Mohammed Amin, the Bengali Scholar, Researcher, Writer, Historian, Biographer and Bengali Grammarian wrote about 88 books on different subjects. Our motto is to Highlighted the identity of the Books, Written by Dr. Mohammed Amin.

What I Do

Books on: Bengali Literature, Bengali Spelling, Fairy tale, Novel, Biography, Regional History, World History, Essays, Science Fiction, Story, Law, Delightful writing, Research, jokes on Bengali Spelling etc written by Dr. Mohammed Amin.

আহমদ ছফার সঙ্গে
হায়াৎ মামুদের সঙ্গে
বাংলাদেশের আইসিটি মন্ত্রী ও প্যালেস্টাইনের যোগাযোগ মন্ত্রীর সঙ্গে।
সৌ্দি আরব, কুয়েত ও মালদ্বীপের যোগাযোগ মন্ত্রীর সঙ্গে।
Books publist
Happy Clients
Lines Of Code
1. Poet Nazrul Medal, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2. International Regional History Award, Macedonia,
3. International Mother Language Award, USA, New York.
4. Raja Rammohon Roy Award, Calcata. India.
5. Diganto Dhara Literary Award/2016, Bangladesh.
6. Khulna Division
History award.
7. Ahmed Sofa  Ltierary Award.
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